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Mapping Services

DGS Consulting can meet your legal mapping service requirements. There is a range of legal mapping requirements that may be needed. For example:

  • Boundary check when a property is being purchased. Property boundaries are accurately surveyed and critically checked against a folio / deed map.
  • Land Transfer Map or Contract for Sale Map may be produced when selling a property.
  • Declaration of Identity required when selling a property. This is where the seller's engineer confirms that the property being sold on the ground is wholly contained within the folio / deed map attaching to the sale.
  • Land registry compliant map for first registration process.
  • Land registry compliant map detailing wayleave particulars.
  • Land registry compliant map for land division purposes.
  • Land registry Scheme Map for multi-unit developments.
  • Mapping requirements under the MUD Act where common areas within a multi-unit development are transferred from the developer to the development management company.

    Please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss and complete your mapping requirements.

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