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Pre-Purchase House Survey / Engineer's Report

A Pre-Purchase House Survey is sometimes also referred to as an Engineer's Report; it can also be referred to as a Condition Survey or simply a House Survey. This is where a potential house buyer will instruct an Engineer or House Surveyor to inspect the house they are proposing to purchase. The house survey should be a very careful and thorough inspection of the property being purchased.

Here at DGS Consulting, we take great care and use proper due diligence when carrying out a house survey. We adopt a very systematic approach to every survey - we have very detailed field sheets and survey checklists for different house-types and apartment-types. Our survey reports are easy to read; summary conclusions and recommendations are presented.

Our condition survey consists of a five main areas of inspection:

Site and Drainage: Elevation of site; site lines; trees; boundaries defined; RoWs, shared access, public roads, and, over 11 other checks...

External Property: Cracks (structural, non-structural); walls/roof condition, chimney, flashings, dpc/150mm internal clearance, and, over 7 other checks...

Internal Property: Cracks (structural, non-structural); building fabric; dampness, leaks/staining, moisture/humidity readings, ventilation; attic - timbers, roof felt, insulation, ventilation, water ingress, dry/wet rot, chimney, water tank, and, over 10 other checks...

Safety: Smoke, heat, CO monitoring, intruder alarms and fire detection; potable water; radon; means of escape, and, over 13 other checks...

Planning and Building Regulations: Planning history - reviewing conditions and comparing as-built. All advisory information within the report is written having specific regard for the building regulations at the time of construction.

Contact us today for a free quote. Our survey work is very competitively priced - we will complete the work quickly while ensuring that the work is also comprehensively carried out.

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