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Why choose DGS Consulting as your Assigned Certifier?

  • Why choose DGS Consulting as Assigned Certifier?:
  • DGS Consulting have over 20 years experience in commercial and residential development. We have been involved in the build of over 200,000sqft of commercial space and over 250 residential units.
  • We offer very competitive fee rates.
  • We are reliable, efficient and professional.
  • DGS will diligently carry out the role of Assigned Certifier: closely advising and guiding you, the client, from the start; identifying and advising the design team; identifying building risks, and, inspecting and co-ordinating the inspection activities of others during construction and certifying the building or works on completion ;
  • We will fullfil our statutory obligations under the BCAR regulations by ensuring that we provide and sign the relevant statutory certificates; co-ordinate the ancillary certification process; identify all certifications and obtain them; prepare a Preliminary Inspection Plan (PIP) with the involvement of the design team and builder, and implement that plan during the project; act as single point of contact with the Building Control Authority and maintain records of inspection.
  • Ultimately, DGS Consulting will ensure that we will deliver a building that is compliant with building regulations - providing you, the client, with a Certificate of Compliance on Completion (CCC).
  • Please contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with a free initial consultation and advise.


    When do you need an Assigned Certifier / Who can be an Assigned Certifier

    • An Assigned Certifier is required for:
  • New residential dwellings - houses or apartments (see Opt-out option below).
  • Extensions with floor areas greater than 40m2.
  • Buildings and works that require a fire safety cert.
    • If none of the above, then an Assigned Certifier is not required.
    • An Opt-Out option for single residential dwelling or domestic extension was introduced in 2015 under statute SI No.365 of 2015. This allows for an owner of a new residential build or extension to opt-out of the BCAR process.

    • Who can be an Assigned Certifer?:
  • Registered Chartered Engineers.
  • Registered Architects.
  • Registered Chartered Building Surveyors.
  • As Chartered Engineers, DGS Consulting can certainly act as your Assigned Certifier. Please contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with a free initial consultation and competitively priced quote.

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    What is an Assigned Certifier?

    The role of the Assigned Certifier was introduced under Building Control Regulations SI No.9 of 2014 - BC(A)R or BCAR (Building Control (Amendment) Regulations). The Assigned Certifier is a new building oversight role and is appointed by a building owner. The Assigned Certifier undertakes (a) to inspect and to co-ordinate the inspection activitiies of others during construction and (b) to certify the building or works on completion.

    The Assigned Certifier role and BCAR has come about as a result of the need to have more oversight and accountability in relation to building construction. During the last building boom, self regulation with no accountability resulted in some very poorly constructed buildings. The new regulation is endeavouring to address this problem by putting a legal onus on all parties involved in the building process - that is, a legal obligation confirming that a build or works meets the building regulations.

    Appoint DGS Consulting to the role of the Assigned Certifier and get the assurance you need to deliver a build or works in compliance with building regulations. Contact us today for quote and free initial consultation.


    Cost of an Assigned Certifier

    • The cost for an Assigned Certifier can depend on a number of factors, which may include the following:
  • Commercial or residential project.
  • Complexity and size of the build.
  • Method of construction.
  • Project duration.
  • Frequency of inspection.
  • Full design team involved or not.
  • Build cost.
  • Location.
  • At DGS Consulting, we are more than happy to provide you with an initial indicative quote after a brief understanding of the project scope. If you are happy with the indicative estimate, a more detailed quote can follow once the complete scope is defined.

    Please contact us anytime for your free quote and initial consultation.

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    Choose DGS Consulting as your Assigned Certifier!